Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Clique Summer Collection #1: Massie

I had the pleasure of hearing a few "tween" author's speak at a pre-conference in Anaheim, CA during ALA's Annual Meeting. Lisi Harrison, author of the ever-popular Clique series was one of the presenters. She talked about how she used to work at MTV and how the culture there was the inspiration for the Clique girls' lifestyle.

She recently finished a "summer series" companion to her Clique books. Each of the girls has their own book. As an incentive to attending the program, we received a copy of the first book in the series titled Massie.

It was a fun, quick read. Massie causes trouble as usual being the self-centered brat that she is. She becomes a cosmetics salesperson for a new line of Beautiful makeup. But her idea of the best sales pitch is not in line with the company's philosophy.

The book was very different from other Clique books that I've read because the other girls in the Pretty Committee are off doing their own things. Still, it should please the readers to know that Massie gets her way (as always) and Lisi Harrison has worked her name-dropping, glamorous lifestyle magic once again.

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