Sunday, June 29, 2008


Oh. My. Gosh. I love Jon Scieszka. He (also) spoke at a pre-conference I recently attended in Anaheim, CA. He is so dang funny. He read snippets from his new (out in the Fall) book Knuckleheads. His humor is so dead-pan. He cracks me up.

Anyway, I was LUCKY to score a copy of the ARC and read it in about an hour. It has very short chapters about his life "growing up Scieszka". He had 5 brothers. They caused their parents much grief.

I did not know that he grew up in Flint, MI. Being a Michigander myself, I think this is way cool.

Well, the book is fantastic. It is just a short memoir piece aimed at the younger set but worth reading no matter what age you are. I think this book will be a huge hit even though it is sort of in a world of its own amount youth non-fiction. I keep telling people it reminded me of Haven Kimmel.

So. Read it. As soon as you can. I've already given my copy away but I made the reader promise she would return it to me upon completion. And if not, I will hunt her down!

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