Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Missing Girl

This fast paced novel really shook me out of my non-reading haze. Norma Fox Mazer is so good at suspense and characterization. I think I read this book in only a few hours but it was so good I can't really remember. Actually, I'll qualify that and say that (knowing there was going to be an abduction) I was a bit bored in the beginning but I plowed through it anyway.

What a fierce story about overcoming the odds and the sheer force of will.

This one will be super easy to recommend!


Anne said...

I am pretty sure that just having this book in my apartment is what kept me up half the night last night. I don't handle suspense well, so I had to return it today. Maybe someone is much less of a wimp will actually be able to read the first sentence, or even the whole book!

Morgan said...

Annie, it's so good! And you could read it so quickly that the anxiety would be gone in a flash!

Anne said...

OK, I am going to trust you on this one, but I am calling you if I am wide awake at 3 a.m. tonight!