Wednesday, February 27, 2008

librarything vs. goodreads

Is anyone else really bummed that librarything costs money? I really like their site and I like their features/widgets better than goodreads but I use goodreads because it is FREE. I have 200 books on my librarything account here but after that you have to pay. I keep waiting for them to announce that they've done away with the subscription rate but I think I ought not hold my breath. :(


Jen Hubert said...

Morgan, it's only $25 FOR LIFE. I figured I could cough up the 20+ because I would have it for the REST OF MY LIFE. Mine's private, though, I only share my goodies on goodreads. Too hard to keep track of both of those and RR, too. I'm enjoying reading what you're up to--

Morgan said...

Hmmm...$25 for life doesn't sound bad! I guess I'll break down soon and do it. And then the next day they'll announce it's free! :)

Melissa Walker said...

It's true that it's just $25, but goodreads is fun and free! I've had a lot of good discussions on goodreads and I think it wins for me.