Friday, January 25, 2008

Inubaka vol. 6

The day I walked into my current library and began working was the first day I had any interactions with graphic novels. Many people have misperceptions of gn's because of the word graphic. I was one of those people. I figured they were full of violence or nudity (and some are) and that was why they were called graphic novels. I didn't even stop to think that maybe the graphic was refering to all the pictures...anyway.

Soon after I began working as a youth librarian I fell in love with a new gn series called Inubaka. It's about this young country girl who has grown up in the lap of luxury - a bit naive in the ways of the world. She decides to set off on her own and lands a job at Woofles, a trendy little dog shop right smack downtown.

She quickly becomes a favorite of all the dogs in the store as well as many customers and coworkers. Her sweet and quirky attitude gets her in trouble every once in a while as well as her not-so-well-behaved dog Lupin.

The book is full of cute dogs and I even learn a few things every once in a while.

Volume 6 is called Threat or treat and starts out with Suguri winning an agility challenge with Lupin. Later she discovers the dog cafe only to be mortified by Lupin's naughty behaviors at the cafe. She tries to train him in obedience but she doesn't use the right tactics. Lupin ends up a bit traumatized - but when he really needs to, he behaves. Suguri learns a lesson about selfishness.

It's a lovely book - humorous, romantic and cute cute cute. I can't wait for volume 7.

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