Tuesday, March 04, 2008

On vacation...

I'm on vacation in beautiful Melbourne Beach, FL visiting my mother. I just finished reading Infidel by Ted Dekker (will blog later) and my mom had Eat Pray Love on her bookshelf so I picked it up.

And of course I'm loving it. The first adult book of read in ages is really good.

Plus, I just looked up the author, Elizabeth Gilbert and found out that her sister is Catherine Gilbert Murdock of Dairy Queen and Off Season fame.


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Gina2424 said...

Hello again-Foster is cute! Good avatar. Approval on TIB is sometimes slow-don't get discouraged and email the mods if you don't hear anything. TIB is also very reliable and fast for shopping (the actual TIB shop, that is). Hope to see you at a Blythe meet.